F1 Pro Aspen – with Waze and Hotspot

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Life can hand out some hard knocks. You need a phone that can keep up.

The new F1 Pro series of flip-phones has a much larger battery, improved durability, water-resistance, and better screen.

The F1 Pro Aspen gets you many of the tools you need, such as Camera, Music Player, Weather, Google’s Waze app, and WiFi Hotspot capabilities, but without all the distraction of a web browser or social media.


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Life can hand out some hard knocks. You need a phone that can keep up.

That’s why we’re introducing the new F1 Pro series of flip-phones, with a much larger battery, improved durability, water-resistance, USB-C, and better screen.

Each phone comes complete with a battery, a USB-C wall charger, a charging dock, and a charging cord.

We’re also introducing a number of new software feature-levels to better serve your desired level of freedom from distraction.

The F1 Pro Aspen has the following features:

  • Touchscreen
  • Text and Picture Messaging
  • Camera
  • Offline Music Player
  • Sound Recorder
  • Weather
  • Navigation
  • Google’s Waze app — This app does not work well with the keypad and requires you to use the touchscreen.
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi (data transfer)
  • Hotspot (share your cellular data with other WiFi devices — Note that this shared connection is not filtered or restricted in any way)


It does NOT have:

  • Web browser
  • Social Media apps
  • App Store
  • Video capability
  • TAG Approval


See the spec sheet for more details.

Note: The F1 Pro is meant for North and South America and will not work in much of Europe, Africa, and Asia because it lacks the LTE bands required in those locations.


6 reviews for F1 Pro Aspen – with Waze and Hotspot

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  1. The user Manual is flawed; print is too small & manual needs to be more comprehensive in order for users to able to use all the features, additionally volume when answering a call is not adequate.

    The phone is as advertised; over all I am disappointed .

  2. Had an LG Exalt phone and really liked it thought it’s the only phone I would ever have, since I have my F1 Pro (Aspen) I would never go back. it’s very user friendly in many ways. And appreciate the idea of no internet however still having easy to use and helpful features. Especially items like talk to text, Waze navigation, touchscreen and multiple other items.

  3. It was definitely an interesting transition from an iPhone, however there is one essential feature missing for me that can make this phone perfect. As a Muslim I have to pray 5 times a day, there’s no way to be able to check that with this phone. I understand we want to be minimalist but this is so important to me. Is there any way we could ever figure out how to implement this? All we would need is location data which we already are able to do with this phone! I know thousands of your customers would absolutely love this feature! There’s a lot of open source apps that are most likely available especially for Android.

  4. Joining others in saying that I upgraded from using the F1 Orchid in the past, and the Aspen is definitely a major improvement.

    5 stars because it does exactly what I want it to do (and what I don’t want it doing). It’s got USB-C charging now, is supposedly waterproof (it definitely looks like it, since a lot of the casing design now is sealed-tight, but I don’t wanna test it), is way more responsive, looks better, and works wonderfully for messaging if you know how to properly use the T9 texting method (assuming you don’t wanna smudge up the touch pad with your fingers, and you aren’t paying for the text-to-speech premium after the free premium trial ends).

    Still using the default navigation that comes with Sunbeam Wireless phones (Here, I think it’s called, the successor of TAG, which had been the previous navigation app) instead of the featured Waze app, because I’m more familiar with Sunbeam’s navigation and don’t feel comfortable agreeing to Waze’s extensive privacy policy that’ll end up farming a bunch of personal data from me.

    Latest update got rid of a lot of my favorite notification sounds, oddly, but I’m sure it’ll be patched (soon, hopefully!)

  5. I upgraded from the Orchid and this model seems much sturdier. Works excellently. On top of that, I ordered a wrong model by mistake and the company switched it out without any hassle. I really love how responsive this company is. Thank you for all your quality work!

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F1 Pro Aspen - with Waze and Hotspot F1 Pro Aspen - with Waze and Hotspot
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