F1 Pro Aspen – with Waze and Hotspot

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Life can hand out some hard knocks. You need a phone that can keep up.

The new F1 Pro series of flip-phones has a much larger battery, improved durability, water-resistance, and better screen.

The F1 Pro Aspen gets you many of the tools you need, such as Camera, Music Player, Weather, Google’s Waze app, and WiFi Hotspot capabilities, but without all the distraction of a web browser or social media.


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Life can hand out some hard knocks. You need a phone that can keep up.

That’s why we’re introducing the new F1 Pro series of flip-phones, with a much larger battery, improved durability, water-resistance, USB-C, and better screen.

Each phone comes complete with a battery, a USB-C wall charger, a charging dock, and a charging cord.

We’re also introducing a number of new software feature-levels to better serve your desired level of freedom from distraction.

The F1 Pro Aspen has the following features:

  • Touchscreen
  • Text and Picture Messaging
  • Camera
  • Offline Music Player
  • Sound Recorder
  • Weather
  • Navigation
  • Google’s Waze app — This app does not work well with the keypad and requires you to use the touchscreen.
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi (data transfer)
  • Hotspot (share your cellular data with other WiFi devices — Note that this shared connection is not filtered or restricted in any way)


It does NOT have:

  • Web browser
  • Social Media apps
  • App Store
  • Video capability
  • TAG Approval


See the spec sheet for more details.

Note: The F1 Pro is meant for North and South America and will not work in much of Europe, Africa, and Asia because it lacks the LTE bands required in those locations.


26 reviews for F1 Pro Aspen – with Waze and Hotspot

4.5 Rating
1-5 of 26 reviews
  1. Having tried a bunch of non-smart phone devices, my experience with the F1 Pro Aspen thus far has been fantastic.
    It works well for the core features: talk, text, and contacts (oddly, other non-smart devices often made these things frustrating and difficult) – and to that it adds real functional navigation (something most other approaches lack, or implement poorly), and several other really nice to have tools.
    It can do touch input, if you want or need it (occasionally it is helpful for zoom and pan, and a full query keyboard is welcome in certain situations), but you largely never have to use touch, and nearly everything essential is mapped to real buttons.
    The only real world situation it cannot work with are settings that require QR codes (though you can snap a picture of one, if you need it later). However, this is not an issue with the phone, but rather (Personally I would be thrilled to see a reliance on QR codes vanish from polite society.)
    There are a few minor tweaks that would be welcomed (e.g. an option to silence the charging/un-charging chime), but the OS/Apps seem to receive regular updates, so I consider things like that a work in progress.

    In total, I have been pleased with how perfectly the device fits what I was looking for.

  2. Love this phone!

  3. Having been a fan and longtime user of another premium feature phone and having recently switching to the Sunbeam F1 Pro, I have to say this is the best option available today for most digital minimalists. Everything just works with no fuss or frustration, and every app has all the features you would expect and want on a distraction-free device that still aims to offer helpful and useful tools.

    Also, the excellent predictive text while typing and the voice-to-text feature have gone a long way to resolve my worry that I wouldn’t be able to get used to texting on this.

    The only thing I don’t love about this device is that it is quite thick and bulky, but I suppose that’s simply the tradeoff you have to make if you want a rugged flip phone with a battery this large. For anyone who wants something slimmer and a bit cheaper, there’s always the Horizon model, but I do value the batterly life and durability of this one enough that I’ll hang on to the Pro model.

    The last hesitation one might have with this phone is the price, but compared to other options in this market, it’s more than fair. If you want something significantly cheaper, you’ll have to put up with bugs, half-baked software, no long-term support, and probably the presence of some social media or email features you may not want.

  4. This is the most intentional “dumb” phone I’ve ever used. Love that there is no browser access on the device at all. Love that there is a voice-to-text feature with the paid Sunbeam premium (pretty cheap monthly cost). The device is a little thicker than I anticipated. Definitely not Motorola Razr status. Would definitely “upgrade” if a thinner phone by Sunbeam ever came out. I do wish there was a more useful USB-C cable (like a USB-C to USB-C instead of the USB-C to USB-A) that worked better with my MacBook Pro. Overall, great phone. Grateful for Sunbeam Wireless.

  5. Great sound. Solid build

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F1 Pro Aspen - with Waze and Hotspot F1 Pro Aspen - with Waze and Hotspot
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