Sunbeam Wireless makes safe and simple flip phones.

Basic, Inc (dba Sunbeam Wireless) was started in 2018 by co-founders Sterling Martin and Nelson Hoover. We saw a continuing trend by most cellphone manufacturers towards more and more features, which meant fewer options for those of us who might not want smartphones with all their notifications, and near-constant internet access on our phones. To meet this need, we decided to manufacture devices that are both practical and useful, but without the distractions and influence of social media and web browsing. The result has been a line of safe and simple flip phones appropriate for all ages and lifestyles.

Here at Sunbeam Wireless, we are continually working to develop products and solutions for those of us who wish to use technology in mindful and intentional ways – as a tool to accomplish necessary tasks while minimizing the unwanted side-effects. There are many reasons why we prefer intentionally limiting our internet exposure. Our reasons are increasingly common and will likely resonate with you as well. Some of these include:
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Safe and simple flip phones for us and our children.

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Helping focus our time and attention on the important things in life with less distraction and peer pressure.

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Helping provide the tools for us to make a clean break away from our jobs during personal time with our friends and families, but yet not be completely unreachable.

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Or maybe even those of us who are privacy-conscious individuals wanting to reduce our digital footprint.

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We love hearing your feedback and ideas! Let us know what your thoughts are by contacting us. We use your input to help guide and direct our R&D team to meet the needs of thoughtful and intentional folks like you.

A big thank you from all of us at Sunbeam Wireless!

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