The feature phone that frees you up.

Sunbeam Wireless is bringing back the flip phone with the F1 Horizon and F1 Pro. Paired with modern hardware, our intuitive software provides you with a feature-rich experience without the clutter. Take on your day with only the simple features you need.
A vector illustration of the F1 Pro and F1 Horizon simple mobile phones.
A simple vector wireframe of the Sunbeam F1 Pro rugged dumbphone.

Order the F1 Pro Rugged Dumbphone

Sometimes life can deal out some hard knocks. You need a phone that can keep up. We’ve heard your feedback and have introduced our new F1 Pro series of rugged dumbphones, now with:

  • Twice as large battery
  • Water-resistant rugged design
  • Improved screen and camera
  • Powerful features in 8 different models
A simple vector wireframe of the Sunbeam F1 Horizon full feature flip phone.

Order the F1 Horizon Flip Phone

The F1 Horizon feature flip phone series was designed for the people who want all of the great Sunbeam features at a more economical price than the F1 Pro series. An upgrade to the original F1, it has:

  • Larger battery
  • More durable design
  • USB-C charging and stronger vibration
  • Powerful features in 8 different models
A vector image of the F1 Pro rugged dumbphone and the F1 Horizon full feature flip phone side by side.

Meet our F1 feature phones.

In our world of growing digital clutter, dumbing down your phone is actually pretty smart. All of our Sunbeam F1 simple mobile phones come installed with the same great distraction-free software.

The Sunbeam F1 Pro and F1 Horizon are available in several models. Each model offers a specific set of features, making it easy to find something that fits your needs.

A photo of a closed F1 Pro rugged dumbphone.

F1 Pro Rugged Dumbphone

You asked for a better camera, a larger battery, and a more durable design. We heard you, and here’s our answer. The new F1 Pro!
A photo of a closed F1 Horizon full feature flip phone.

F1 Horizon Feature Flip Phone

An improvement on the original F1, the F1 Horizon is  a simple mobile phone perfect for busy people that want a basic device with robust features.

Helping people stay human.

Customer Reviews

F1 Pro Aspen
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I’m a 31 year-old professional who was feeling overwhelmed with a computer in my pocket. The F1 Pro has changed my life for the better. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase one of your devices sooner. I may never go back to a smartphone. Since switching to the F1, I’ve been far more focused and ‘present’. I’ve cut back on 1-2 hours of useless scrolling and I’ve achieved a significantly higher level of productivity. With the time I’ve saved, I’ve been reaching out to old friends I hadn’t spoken to in many years. I’ve read more and interacted with people around on a deeper level. Thank you for doing what you do.
David Wood
David Wood
F1 Pro Cypress
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I absolutely love this phone. Coming from the previous F1, it’s much more sturdy, has an excellent battery life, and is easy to customize. The fact that it has a touchscreen and hotspot just make it that much more functional, but none of that gets in the way of its basic purpose of being a simple, non-distracting device. Voice-to-text works incredibly well, and Sunbeam is very responsive and helpful whenever I have questions or issues with the phone. And, of course, it’s a delight to have a flip phone again.
F1 Horizon Bluebird
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I really like my new Bluebird phone! It the things a want but without distractions. It seems to be a little bit sturdier than the Orchid I had before. The vibration motor is definitely stronger. I appreciate this because I usually don’t like my phone to be ringing and now I can let it on vibrate and still feel it in my pocket.
F1 Pro Maple
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Previous Orchid owner. The F1 Pro is much more durable feeling. There are covers on the port, a rubber ring along the back battery cover, and small rubber edges along the top and bottom of the phone (I assume for light drops). The hinge feels more durable than my orchid. If you need increased water resistance, I recommend the F1 Pro models. My favorite is the charging cradle. It’s so easy to drop in and charges very quickly.
David Miller
David Miller
F1 Pro Aspen
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Had an LG Exalt phone and really liked it thought it’s the only phone I would ever have, since I have my F1 Pro (Aspen) I would never go back. it’s very user friendly in many ways. And appreciate the idea of no internet however still having easy to use and helpful features. Especially items like talk to text, Waze navigation, touchscreen and multiple other items.

Finally, a dumbphone with quick and easy features.

A simple magnifying glass icon for the F1 quick lookup feature.

Quick Lookup
To locate a contact, simply type a few letters from the contact’s name. Then highlight the name using the arrow keys, and press the message or call button. It’s quick and easy to call or text!

A simple bell icon for the F1 disable ringer shortcut feature.

Disable Ringer Shortcut
Hold the # key for a few seconds to enable or disable the ringer.

A simple microphone icon for the Sunbeam F1 audio message feature.

Quick Audio Texts
A button on the back of the phone can be used to quickly record and send an audio text message.

A text message icon for the F1 quick SMS reply feature.

Quick SMS Reply
Call coming in while you’re busy? One keypress will send the call to voicemail and also bring up the quick reply menu.

A simple flashlight icon for the F1 flashlight button shortcut feature.

Quick Flashlight Shortcut
The flashlight can be turned on by holding the volume key on the side of the phone for a few seconds.

A simple calendar icon for the F1 arrow key shortcuts feature.

Easy Feature Shortcuts
The 4 arrow keys can be customized with shortcuts for the calendar, calculator, weather, alarm clock, and other features.

Send voice-to-text messages with F1 feature phones.

Do you get frustrated while pecking out messages on your flip phone? Do you wish you could talk to your phone and it would do the typing for you? With a Sunbeam phone, you can!

Sunbeam phones have a voice-to-text option that works not only in text messages, but anywhere you type, such as the calendar, notes, etc. It works exceptionally well and saves a lot of time.

Use it in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. You can also select and use 2 different languages at the same time.

Your next flip phone could have weather!

Many Sunbeam F1 flip phones have a simple yet powerful weather option. This feature allows you to check the weather without having a web browser. Available with F1 Pro Aspen, F1 Pro Hickory, F1 Pro Maple, F1 Pro Oak, F1 Horizon Bluebird, F1 Horizon Dove, F1 Horizon Cardinal, and F1 Horizon Lark.

Read your voicemail on your Sunbeam F1 flip phone.

Basic Visual Voicemail lets you check voicemail without making a call. View a list of your messages and listen to them in any order.* Premium Visual Voicemail has all the features of Basic Visual Voicemail, but also transcribes the message to text, allowing you to read your voicemail.

An open F1 Pro rugged dumbphone on a vector beach scene.
*Requires a compatible cellular plan. Visual voicemail is provided by your cellular carrier. Not compatible with AT&T network.
The F1 Pro flip phone with status lights.

Does your flip phone have status lights?

All Sunbeam phones have status lights on the front.
There is a blue light for missed calls and a green light for text messages and voicemails. The Hummingbird blinks red slowly for a low battery, flashes quickly while charging, and stays on solid when the battery is fully charged.

This allows you to have your phone on a countertop or workbench across the room and easily see if you missed anything.

The side-by-side view of an F1 Horizon feature flip phone and an F1 Pro rugged dumbphone.

Your simple mobile phone is waiting!

Whether you enjoy keeping things basic or lead a kosher lifestyle, a Sunbeam F1 flip phone could be your next tool to simplify daily living. Explore all of our models and consider a Sunbeam Premium subscription for extra features.