Software Updates

We are very pleased with how well our customers like their Sunbeam phones. And we greatly appreciate the feedback that you provide. Based on this feedback, we continue to make software improvements to create a better user experience. Follow our roadmap below to see what software updates we currently have in the works!

Next update

These items will be available in the next update, which is due by the end of September.

This update also adjusts a number of things to address the SMS send failures and battery life issues that some users are experiencing.


  • Fixed ability to CALL from contact detail view
  • Added support for company name field in the contact
  • Updated the search method to work like the dialer – simply tap each key once to spell the name or number you’re looking for. For example, to call my friend Bill, I would key in 245 for B-I-L and it’ll sort him right out in the list.
  • Added contact whitelisting. This allows you to restrict incoming calls to saved contacts only.


  • Increased Call Log entry list to include the last 2,500 calls.
  • The screen will now light up on an incoming call.
  • Searching for a contact will also now match the company name field of a saved contact.


  • Center D-pad key (enter/select key) now functions as an Enter key in 123 mode.
  • Added ability to disable QWERTY touch mode to prevent it from showing when a text field is touched.
  • Fixed QWERTY-mode keyboard rotate. Use the upper-left menu key while the keyboard is displayed to rotate it.


  • Added ability to attach a contact from within a conversation.
  • Updated group message sending to prompt for send method (as individual SMS or group MMS) only on first message sent. Your choice is then saved as the default for that conversation, but can be changed in the conversation menu.
  • Added ability to call message sender by selecting the message and pressing the CALL key.
  • Fixed a number of other potential crashes.


  • Miscellaneous fixes to Favorites functionality.

Music Player

(for Daisy and Orchid models only)

  • Show music by Artist and Album
  • Support Bluetooth playback controls, such as Play/Pause, Next/Previous.
  • Support playback of virtually any audio format.
  • Allow scanning any folder for available files for playback.

Future updates

These items have been added to the queue and will be available in a future update.

  • Ability to mute a conversation in Messaging. This is useful for active group conversations that you prefer not to be interrupted by.
  • Ability to mark all messages as read at one time.
  • Turn-by-turn voice prompts in Navigation (Orchid model only), even when the phone is flipped closed.

Send us your feedback!

We love hearing your feedback and ideas! Let us know what your thoughts are by contacting us. We use your input to help guide and direct our R&D team to meet the needs of thoughtful and intentional folks like you.

A big thank you from all of us at Sunbeam Wireless!