Software Updates

We are really pleased with how well our customers like their Sunbeam phones. And we greatly appreciate the feedback that you’ve provided. Based on this feedback, we’ve been able to identify a number of software improvements that we can make to create a better user experience. Follow our roadmap below to see what software updates we currently have in the works!

Better music player

The next generation music player will play WMA files and have an improved hierarchy for organizing music files.

Keyboard upgrade

We will combine the QWERTY keyboard and the T9 keyboard to allow for quick and easy access to both input types.

Flashlight timer

This is a timer that will turn off the flashlight if accidentally turned on while in the pocket.

Improved contacts

We plan to add prefix, middle name, and suffix fields for names.

Speed dial

We will add support for up to 99 speed dial entries for your most important contacts.


This update enables you to send text messages by pressing the CALL key.

File management

Customer feedback indicates that a File Manager would be a welcome addition.

Voice-to-Text Input

Voice-to-Text input will be available in Navigation, Notes, and more!

Send us your feedback!

We love hearing your feedback and ideas! Let us know what your thoughts are by contacting us. We use your input to help guide and direct our R&D team to meet the needs of thoughtful and intentional folks like you.

A big thank you from all of us at Sunbeam Wireless!