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From: $3.50 / month

The Sunbeam Premium subscription will enable you to use the premium features available on your device.

Sunbeam Premium can be added to your Orchid or Daisy phone at any time. Likewise, it can be cancelled if you determine that the subscription is no longer meeting your needs. Please note, you must contact Sunbeam Wireless or access your account on our webpage to cancel your subscription. Stopping charges to your credit card does not constitute the cancellation of your subscription and may result in additional charges.




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The Sunbeam Premium subscription will enable you to use the premium features available on your device. (The exact feature-set depends on the phone model). Including:

Voice-to-Text consists of voice-to-text transcription for writing text messages. You simply press the message button while entering text and speak, and your message is accurately typed out as text.

Weather allows access to extended forecasts and radar in Weather.

Provides access to the additional point-of-interest search in the Sunbeam Navigation app.

Read more about the Premium Service subscription in our FAQs.


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2 reviews for Sunbeam Premium

  1. R. Yount (verified owner)

    At first I was on the fence about purchasing this, but after using them in the first 30-day free trial period, I can say I made the right decision on buying Premium Services…plus it helps Sunbeam keep providing this great phone, even if just a little bit. The price of the subscription services makes this a pretty painless choice, but provides real value to users.

  2. Cohen L. (verified owner)

    This premium service highly enhances the phone, specifically the speech to text making texting worlds easier. The main issue is that the speech to text heavily relies on your connection at the time to process the words. This means that it can be unreliable, and I often miss entire paragraphs even when I have 2 bars of 4G service. This also often results in a glitch in which the speech-to-text bar will continue to show on screen for up to a minute, preventing me from trying to use the feature again until I put my phone away and then bring it out again later. This really only bothers me because you have to purchase this feature, only to have it be unreliable.

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