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The F1 Orchid has been discontinued and has been replaced by the F1 Horizon and F1 Pro series.


The Orchid is for those who want to keep life simple, call your friends, text your family, and still find your way home again.

With added features like Weather and Navigation, but no browser or social media to distract you from what really matters, the Orchid is an excellent choice.

(Charging dock, battery, and 120VAC charger included with purchase)
(No SIM card included – Please use your SIM from a compatible cellular carrier)


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The Orchid is for those who want to keep life simple, call your friends, text your family, and find your way back home again with the built-in navigation feature.
With the large, user-friendly buttons and clean interface, it’s very easy to use. The extra-loud handset speaker and hearing aid support ensure that nothing is missed, even if you’re hard at work.

The Orchid has:

  • Contact storage
  • Calculator
  • Alarm Clock
  • Flashlight
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Record custom alarm or reminder sounds
  • SOS button on back of device to allow for quickly calling for help
  • Camera
  • Audio player
  • SMS and MMS texting
  • Weather
  • Navigation


With the additional Premium Services subscription, the Orchid also adds the following functionality:

  • Voice-to-text input when composing text messages – so you simply speak and your message is accurately typed up for you.
  • Extended forecast and radar in the Weather feature
  • Point-of-interest search in the Navigation feature – simply enter, for example, the word “pizza” to quickly find the nearest bite to eat.


The Orchid does not have:

  • Email
  • Web Browser
  • App Store


For keeping life simple, but not totally disconnecting from the rest of the world, there’s no better option than the Sunbeam F1 Orchid.

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Additional information

Weight14 oz
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 2.95 in
Display Size

2.8 inch (43mm x 58mm)

Display Resolution


Touch input


USB charging port

USB micro connector

Headphone jack

3.5mm Stereo

Earpiece volume

Up to 85 dB


H: 4.3" (109mm) x W: 2.2" (57mm) x Thick: 0.83" (21mm)


4.7 oz (132 grams)

SIM card size

Nano-SIM (4FF)





Cellular bands

3G WCDMA/UTMS (2, 5), 4G/LTE (2, 4, 5, 12, 13)

Supported networks

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more


MediaTek MT6739


ARM Cortex-A53



CPU clock frequency

1.28 GHz


1 Gb

Internal storage

8 Gb

Removable storage

MicroSD card – 32 Gb max


2 MP (extrapolated to 5 MP)

Battery capacity

1,400 mAh

14 reviews for F1 Orchid – Discontinued

4.5 Rating
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  1. This is an updated review of my earlier one. Right before the year warranty period was up, my original Orchid self-destructed while charging (total white screen out of the blue, no solution). Customer service was very responsive in sending me a new phone and taking back the old one. I had switched to a Nokia 6300 in the meantime and had gotten better at T9 texting. Going from the Nokia 6300 to the Sunbeam Orchid seemed like a huge step up. The (second) Orchid was so much easier to use and more responsive than the Nokia. I loved having the touch screen option and found it much less glitchy than before. Predictive texting was worlds better, as was sending a group text. Maybe there were updates made in between my first Orchid and the second one, and/or maybe it had to do with the experience of enduring the Nokia’s limitations for a while, but I currently find the Sunbeam Orchid to be a great device that essentially does everything I want. Texting is blissfully straightforward compared with the Nokia, and I have not run into any issues with texts not sending this time around. The navigation worked great last night (even without the Premium package). The battery life even seems a bit better, though I do wish it lasted longer. Call quality has mostly seemed fine–I’ve had one dropped call, but that’s it. I briefly considered getting the Premium package so as to have Voice-to-Text capacity, but I don’t really think I need that, given how smooth the texting experience has been so far. Really enjoying the analog life here–many benefits!–and for the record, I am so glad the Sunbeam does not have email access. Being able to stream music on Spotify would be a bonus, but that’s about all this phone lacks, in my opinion. Glad I gave this phone another chance.

  2. I just got my Sunbeam yesterday and there are a couple of things I LOVE so far that I feel like no one talks about:

    The light up buttons for missed calls and texts on the front of the phone. This is amazing coming from an iPhone. I switched because of my smart phone addiction like a lot of us have, and the fact that I can glance at my phone on the charging dock without even touching it and know if theres anything waiting for me to respond to is… amazing. With my iPhone, I was constantly picking it up to check and once it was in my hand…I was lost in the phone. There is literally NOTHING to do on this phone that I need to pick it up for. Nothing to scroll. Nothing to customize that takes any time. Even scrolling my texts are boring. I straight up just keep it sitting on the dock all day.

    The phone doesn’t receive videos or links, and this was intentional on their part so you don’t waste time just staring at your phone. This may be a con for a lot of people, but I just have people send videos to my imessage on my computer (via my email address) and i can go look at it later. I kind of LOVE this that people aren’t texting me videos and links of random stuff they want me to stop right then and there and check and give my feedback on. This has brought SUCH FREEDOM! I already am feeling not constantly needed by my phone and my people who really dont NEED me RIGHT now. So liberating. I know, it’s been 24 hours, but still.

    THERE IS DO NOT DISTURB?!?!?!? This was something I thought I would really miss going from the iPhone. I love to set do not disturb on my iphone for the night so I don’t wake up to calls, etc. But THE SUNBEAM HAS THIS FEATURE! I feel like it didn’t hear anyone mention this?! So great. You can set up routines for Do Not Disturb just like an iPhone and it works flawlessly.

    The CHARGING DOCK. I know people say they have issues with this, but I love so far having it sit by the door like an old school home phone on its cute little dock. SO great.

    THE VOICE TO TEXT! People talk about this one a lot, but yes, it is as good as they say!!!

    If you are on the fence, i’d say try it. So far it has surpassed my expectations. I am on Xfinity Mobile, and it is working well, even though Xfinity will formally say they only support Smartphones.

    My only con so far is the maps are slow to find your location and load, but apparently buying the micro sd with maps loaded on helps with that.

    Thanks for creating a phone like this!! I am so grateful I have already been able to be more present to my three little kids at home.

  3. The phone does exactly what it says, and for that it gets 5 stars.

    Recommending it to my friends that could also use a productivity boost. Camera is not the greatest. The battery life is nowhere near as good as something like the latest iPhone, but you can easily take it out and replace it down the road, so take that into consideration as well. Charging cord is on the shorter end but charging time is quite quick.

    The touchscreen capability really surprised me, since I assumed going into a flip phone would take me back to 2005 (and it did, just not technologically). If you are a fan of simpler older times, this phone is definitely a nice modern twist to old tech. Upgraded paid plans offer more advanced features, but the standard features are just fine on their own for my use.

    Given your own tastes, preferences and past experiences with tech, this phone will either feel like a “trade-off” or a delightful upgrade, for me it was definitely an upgrade.

  4. The Product:
    I purchased an F1 Orchid back in February and it did what it was supposed to do being a basic phone. I then encountered issues with charging about four months later where the phone would be plugged in and would drain faster than it could charge. I wanted to give the phone a chance and sent in the phone under warranty and I received a new phone. After a couple weeks with the new phone, I had similar issues where the phone would have trouble charging.
    The Service:
    I then reached out to customer service via email asking for a refund explaining my issue. Despite the replacement phone being new and within 30-days of me receiving it, I only received two very terse and dismissive emails stating that I was beyond the 30-day purchase window for a refund. There was no help or suggestion made towards resolving my issue. I then called the customer service number and described my problem. The lady on the phone became belligerent, raised her voice, and told me approximately 10 times that I was outside the 30-day refund even though the phone I would be returning is essentially new (still has the plastic screen covers).
    The Result:
    I wanted this product to work, but I am completely unsatisfied with my experience with this company. I may have just had bad luck with the products, but the way I was treated by customer service led me to writing this review and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

  5. Here are my observations, recommendations, nice-to-haves, and suggestions after using the Orchid running on Mint Mobile (a T-Mobile MVNO) for almost three months.


    * A received MMS message triggers the audio alert but does not turn on the green envelope light on the front.

    * Ringing as well as call and text audio alerts are loud enough to hear in another room.

    * Speech-to-text function, weather RADAR map (animated and static), and GPS point-of-interest (POI) lookup function — all part of the “Premium” service — work well. You can combine speech-to-text function with POI lookup. For example, go to the “Navigation” feature, choose “Search” within Navigation, speak the business that you want to find, tap the magnifier to bring up the match, scroll to select the match, and press the green dial button on the keypad to call that business!

    * On-screen keyboard-based entry of text is challenging on internal screen, even when rotated 90 degrees, but speech-to-text function lets me skip keyboard-based entry most of the time.

    * I used a USB cable to put three podcast files on the Orchid, but the Orchid displayed only the first one for playing, so I use the BeyondPod app on an old Android-7 cellphone to play podcasts after downloading them via Wi-Fi.


    * 32 GB SD card with preinstalled map data – This costs a few dollars more than buying the same SD card without the preinstalled map data, but this saves you a TON of time downloading that data manually.

    * Protective Hard Shell Cover with Holster – I was dubious about ordering this, as I don’t need a holster very often, but the hard-shell cover gives a comforting grip and protects the Orchid. Sunbeam warns that you cannot fit an F1 cellphone into the charging station when the hard-shell cover is attached, but it is NOT a big deal. You can EASILY remove and re-attach the cover. I went with a bright color (yellow) for the cover, to make my misplaced Orchid easier to find.


    * Quick disconnect USB charge cable. – I find the included docking station sufficient for charging. But, if you need your Orchid in your car all day, then this clever USB cable, with its magnetic connectors, will let you keep your Orchid charged without the typical wear & tear on the Orchid’s USB port, given that you leave the tiny end plugged into the Orchid’s USB port.

    * F1 Screen protector– This is an inexpensive way to protect the two screens. I’m glad that I ordered this with the Orchid, as I was able to apply these two protectors while the Orchid’s two screens were brand-new clean.


    * Keep Wi-Fi off unless you need it for making calls when you don’t have a 4G/LTE signal. This makes a charged battery last MUCH longer!

    * Let your free trial of the “Premium” service run its course before ordering. This lets you for 30 days try at no charge the speech-to-text functionality (Super-fast!), point-of-interest lookup in the map (Great for finding businesses, including their phone numbers!), and weather radar (Handy for seeing looming storms!). Sunbeam will eventually tell you that these features have expired. Plus, check this out: When I ordered an annual subscription, Sunbeam gave me ANOTHER 30 days free before charging my card $40 for a subsequent 12 months of “Premium” service!

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