Visual Voicemail isn’t working.

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  1. Visual Voicemail is provided by your cellular service provider. Contact them and ask them to enable Visual Voicemail on your line. (The Sunbeam F1 works with the Verizon and T-Mobile VVM system, but not with AT&T).
  2. Turn off the device, remove the SIM card, turn on the phone, try to open Visual Voicemail, it should now show just a “Call voicemail” button. Power off, reinstall SIM and power up again. This should get your Visual voice mail back.
  3. If you have recently swapped the sim card or switched to a different carrier, you may need to fully reset the phone to connect to the new carrier’s VVM system. First backup your data such as contacts, messages, etc. to a microSD card. Next reset the phone: System>settings>phone settings> BasicOS>reset options> Erase all Data>press Reset phone>the phone will turn off, reboot, and then erase all user data. After the reset is done, accept the visual voicemail terms and it will now show your voicemails.
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