iMessages and Sunbeam phones

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Only Apple devices are allowed to send and receive iMessages. If you move your SIM card from an iPhone to a Sunbeam phone, you will need to disable iMessages for that phone number so that all the other iDevices will send text messages to your Sunbeam phone via SMS/MMS instead of iMessages. (Here is a link to an article that describes this).

However, there is a workaround that you may be interested in if you still want to use iMessages on your iPad or Mac. You need to remove (disassociate) your phone number from your AppleID account, letting only your email address remain. This will allow you to continue using iMessages (associated with your email address, not with your Sunbeam phone number) on your other Apple devices.

As a side-note, Apple-specific features like FaceTime and iMessages can be used on an iPad or Mac via WiFi and don’t require a SIM card or phone plan to function.

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