Tips for Activating Service on your Sunbeam Phone

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  1. Check if your carrier is compatible, by checking our Carrier’s page: Carriers – Sunbeam Wireless
  2. Check if the sim card you will be using is for a 4G phone or contact your carrier for a new sim card.
  3. If you are switching from a smartphone, make sure to deactivate any group messaging apps such as Verizon’s Message+, or if you’re switching from an iPhone, turn off iMessage.
  4. Remove the back cover and insert the sim card below the battery.
  5. Power on the phone by pressing the red button.
  6. Select the language and wait until the “Changing carrier…” message disappears.
  7. The phone should display 4G in the top right corner if the service is activated.
  8. If you are using an MVNO (Reseller) you will likely need to manually select the correct APN before the phone will work properly: System>Settings>Connectivity>Mobile Network>Access Point Names. Select the circle beside the correct APN and then restart the phone to connect using the new settings.
    You can find the correct APN settings on your cellular carrier’s website. If the APN for your carrier is not listed in the phone, you can manually add it by tapping the “+” button located at the top-right corner of the screen. After you have the settings entered, save them by pressing the “Menu” key (top-left button on the keypad) and then press the “Save” button.
  9. Enjoy! If you need further assistance, you may contact your cellular carrier or reach out to Sunbeam Wireless directly for support: 
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