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  • My speech-to-text doesn’t work – it says “No connection available…” when I try to use it.
  • My Weather doesn’t load.
  • My Navigation doesn’t work.


  • Advanced features such as speech-to-text, weather, and navigation do rely on external services that are accessed via either cellular data or WIFI, whichever is available. Speech-to-text uses a service provided by Microsoft. Weather info is provided by IBM’s The Weather Company, and the Navigation routing and map info come from HERE, a mapping company. No user data is used for any purpose besides simply providing the service. The services are monetized by our Premium Subscription, which will be required to keep the services active on the device beyond the initial 30-day trial period.


  • Make sure the cellular plan has data available. You will need to purchase at least a few hundred Mb of data for advanced features to work.
  • Make sure data is turned on in the settings: System>settings>connectivity>mobile data>make sure Mobile Data is enabled and Data Saver is OFF.
  • Make sure the data wasn’t manually blocked at the carrier level. This is sometimes the case with customers who had the plan on another phone with a web browser previously that they’d blocked.
  • Make sure the device is running on 4G and not 3G. This is usually not an issue on Verizon or Verizon-based MVNO’s such as Norcell.
    • If the device is on 3G only, make sure that the correct APN is selected – or entered, if needed, then selected.
    • If the device is on AT&T or sometimes on AT&T-based MVNOs, the customer may need to contact the carrier and have them manually switch the line to 4G.
  • If nothing helps, try connecting the device to WIFI and retesting. This eliminates any potential cellular signal weakness or issues.
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