Navigation isn’t working.

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The navigation requires a GPS signal and either a good data connection or offline maps.

  1. Check if Location is turned on: System>Settings>Connectivity>Location>ON
  2. Make sure you are outdoors with a clear view of the sky for the best GPS signal, it can take at least 20 seconds to load the current location.
  3. Check if your cellular plan has data and confirm that it is working by pressing *3282* at the home screen. It will display “Data connection OK” if you have a data connection.
  4. If you do not have data on your cellular plan or have a slow connection, you will need to install offline maps: Insert a 32GB or smaller MicroSD card in the phone>connect to Wi-Fi>Open Navigation>Menu>Settings>Download Maps>choose the maps for your area. We also have MicroSD cards available with pre-installed maps: 32 GB SD card with preinstalled map data – Sunbeam Wireless
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