Import Events and Holidays in the Calendar

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The Calendar has an import feature that allows you to import additional events or religious holidays. iCalendar (ics) files are available for download at several websites:

Here is what you need to import events and holidays to your Calendar:

  • The iCalendar (ics) file you wish to import
  • A Micro SD card or a computer to transfer the file to your phone

You’ll need to transfer the downloaded file to your phone using a MicroSD card or a USB cable: How can I transfer files to/from a computer? – Sunbeam Wireless


  • Open Calendar
  • Press Menu
  • Settings
  • Import Events
  • Choose the iCalendar (ics) file from the location you had copied it to
  • Press “Select”
  • If you wish to create a new event type: Tap the event type shown> Add a new type> Enter the Title and Color> Press “OK” to save the new event type.
  • Press “OK” to start the import
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