How can I transfer files to/from a computer?

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If you want to use a USB cable, you can simply connect it to a Windows computer and it should show up as “F1” in the Windows file system after enabling file transfer on the F1.

By default, the Micro USB port is used for charging, to enable file transfer:

(1) Plug the phone into your computer.

(2) Swipe down from the top of the home screen of the F1 and tap the usb charging notification.

(3) Switch this to “Transfer files” The phone’s internal storage will now show up on your computer.

If you have the Dandelion model, you may enable file transfer by entering code *3453* at the home screen.

(Sometimes you need to connect the USB cable, wait for a second, disconnect it again, wait for a second, and then reconnect it before it appears). If you wish to connect a Mac computer via USB, you will need to install the drivers on the Mac first. (This can be done for free with the Android File Transfer app). Note: If the USB connection is simply not working, try a different USB cable. We’ve found that some USB cables are “charge only” and are missing the communication wires. If you happen to have one of these “charge only” USB cables, it will not work.

If you wish to receive files via Bluetooth on Windows you have to initiate the process from Windows 10 through a “Receive files” option seen after right-clicking on the Bluetooth icon hidden in the system tray area of the taskbar.

If you wish to use Bluetooth sharing on a Mac, you need to enable it first by following these steps:

(1) Go into “System Preferences”.

(2) Go into “Sharing”.

(3) Checkmark the “On” box for “Bluetooth Sharing” in the “Service” list pane.

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