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Does the Navigation feature use a web browser?

No. There is no web browser on any Sunbeam phones. The Navigation feature was custom built by Sunbeam using the HERE Technologies software development kit. There are no back-door web browsers or other methods available to access inappropriate content on Sunbeam phones.

Does the Navigation feature have “Live Traffic” available?

Yes. The latest Navigation update adds live traffic for Sunbeam Premium subscribers.

Do I need map data?

Yes. The Navigation feature needs map data in order to function.

Do I need to purchase the map data?

No, the map data is free, regardless of the method used to acquire it.

How do I acquire the map data?

There are three choices available, each with pros and cons:

1. Simply use the Navigation feature and let it acquire the map data on an as-needed basis.

The benefit of this is that you don’t need to take any action in advance. The downside is that it uses cellular data (which can cost, depending on your cellular service plan). Another downside is that if you lose cellular service your Navigation will not be able to acquire the map data it needs to function.

2. Download the map data from within Settings of the Navigation feature.

The benefit of this is that you can download and install the map data yourself for free. The data must be installed from within the Navigation feature on the phone. (You cannot download via PC and move it unto the phone). The downside is that it’s a state-by-state and province-by-province process and can take a while to accomplish. Another downside is that if you install the map data for all of North America it takes about 11GB of space. (Only about 3.5GB of free space is available on the phone). If you only need to install several states worth of data, there is enough space available to do that. But if you want to install more than that, you will need to add an SD card to increase the amount of local memory.

3. Purchase an SD card from us with the map data pre-installed.

The benefit of this is that we have collected the map data for you in advance and have installed it on an SD card. This is a quick and easy way to get the map data. Please note that we do not sell map data. What you’re purchasing is the SD card and the service of having us download and install the map data unto the card. You can do the very same thing with your own SD card, it just takes a bit of time to accomplish.

How often is the map data updated?

HERE updates its map data continually but only release the updated map data every 3 months, or so. When new map data is available, you have the option to update the map data for each state or province.

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