Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many contacts can the F1 hold?

    There is no specific limit on the number of contacts.

    The memory space for Contacts is dynamically allocated. So if the user
    memory (about 3.5GB) was completely filled up with no space left, it
    might start to inhibit the contact capacity. We can confirm it works with over 5,000 contacts.

  • Does the F1 support group messages?

    The F1 supports group messages via MMS, and groups all messages by conversation.

    The F1 does not support advanced messaging protocols such as WhatsApp, iMessages, Telegram, Signal, RCS and Verizon’s Message+. If you are part of a group that uses advanced messaging protocols, consider having them use GroupMe in order to include basic phones in the group.

  • What is the F1’s SAR?

    The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) ratings of the F1 are as follows:
    Head: 0.872 W/kg
    Body: 1.366 W/kg

    F1 Pro: Head: .707 W/kg Body: 1.588 W/kg

  • Why doesn’t the F1 support video?

    While there can be good reasons to share video, too many times the commonly-shared videos end up distracting us from the important things in life that really matter. This is the reason why the Sunbeam F1 doesn’t record video or send/receive video messages.

  • Can I turn off the bright external LED indicator lights?

    Many customers like the bright LED indicators for “New Message” and “Missed Call”. But some find them annoying. If you wish, you can disabled them here: Settings > Phone Settings > Notification Light Status. If you turn off the LED indicators, you will still be able to see the “New Message” and “Missed Call” indicators via the external display.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The answer depends on the carrier, the signal strength, and the usage. Quite frankly, our 1,400mAh battery is none too large for a VoLTE phone. (The VoLTE signal requires more processing than the older 2G/3G phones did, even for sitting idle on the network).

    Most users can easily make it through one day without a problem. However, we have some users that spend many hours per day on the phone, and the battery simply is not sufficient in that case. (We’ve also seen some cases where the network itself would cause the F1 to continually re-register, which quickly depletes the battery too). So if you spend 4 to 6 hours per day talking on your phone, you will need to recharge it mid-day.

    Our F1 Pro phones do have a much larger 2200 mAh battery, which should be enough to get most users through a day. Some exceptions would be using the hotspot feature on certain models or using the Navigation for an extended period of time.

  • Is the Sunbeam F1 VoLTE capable?

    Yes, it is fully VoLTE capable.

    On Verizon, it is on VoLTE all the time. On T-Mobile or AT&T, it’s up to the carrier. Sometimes the carrier will choose to route the call over 3G, and other times they will choose to use VoLTE.

  • Is the Sunbeam F1 a “rugged” phone?

    No, this is not a military spec phone and it’s not ruggedized. The body is smooth plastic and slides relatively easily in and out of the pocket.

  • Is the Sunbeam F1 Pro waterproof?

    It is not considered waterproof but is water resistant and should be able to withstand small amounts of moisture.

    However, water damage is not covered by warranty.

  • Does the F1 support hotspot or tethering?

    Yes, some models in the F1 Pro series do offer hotspot capability. This would include the Aspen, Maple, and Cypress models. Be aware that models with hotspot do not have the Tag logo on the back.

  • What is the warranty on Sunbeam phones?

    All Sunbeam phones are covered by a one year warranty. The warranty covers any failure other than physical damage or water damage.

  • What are the advantages of a flip phone?

    Good question. One of them is that you can quickly dial a number by flipping the phone open and matching a number stored in Contacts. For example, if I want to call my friend David, I can flip open my phone, press “3”, “2”, “8” (corresponding with “DAV” in David) and this will match present a listing of all the David’s in my Contacts. I scroll down to the correct one and press the green CALL button. (Or press the “Message” button if I want to send a text message). The whole process can be completed in only a few seconds and quickly becomes the preferred method of contacting people, after trying it for a time or two. 

    Oh. And there’s something very satisfying about ending a call by flipping the phone closed… 

  • The updated keyboard is reading my contacts. Is this totally offline?

    The newly updated keyboard has an improved T9 predictive text input method. One of the improvements requested was to read contacts and suggest stored names when typing. For example, let’s say that you have a contact stored and he has a nickname like “Yitzy”. The normal T9 predictive text will never be able to suggest non-standard words on it’s own. But with the help of reading contacts, it works beautifully!

    However, this does bring up a very legitimate privacy concern: What exactly is the keyboard doing with the contacts? The answer is that the T9 predictive text function is 100% offline and there is no sharing of that information with any other devices or computers. The only purpose for it is to populate the dictionary and make spelling all those cool names using T9 predictive text fast and easy!

  • Is it possible to add words to the T9 dictionary?

    Yes. To do this, type a new word. After the new word is created, tap and hold the touchscreen to highlight the word. After the correct word is highlighted, press and hold the star key, then choose “Add to dictionary”.

  • Do Sunbeam phones support emoji?

    Yes! The Daisy and Orchid send and receive emoji. To insert emoji into any text input field, press and hold the star key. This opens a menu. Choose “5” (Emoji) from the list, which opens the emoji palette.

    Helpful tip: Some of our customers discovered that you can add emoji to Contacts. If you append emoji to a person’s name when editing a contact, it quickly makes the contact listing look, well, “interesting”. 😉

  • Do you have the phones in stock?

    Yes, we generally do have the phones in stock. Go to your desired phone model to confirm whether it is in stock and ready to be shipped. We typically ship via UPS Ground from Missouri so it’s usually a 1-day to 3-day transit, depending on your location. You can choose UPS Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air if you need faster delivery.

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