F1 App Migration

This page provides information on the app upgrades being made available to select Sunbeam F1 phones. The new apps which include upgraded Calendar, Clock, Sound Recorder and Notes, will replace the original apps entirely in a future update. The new apps include many of our customer requests and will allow Sunbeam to make continued improvements, including new backup options in a future update. Do not download the next system update before you have moved your data, as the next update will permanently delete any data in the old apps and cannot be recovered.


The improved Clock app includes a World Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch. It also includes more settings, allowing you to customize your alarms with custom recordings, option to silence the alarm automatically and the volume buttons can be set for Snooze or Dismiss.

Moving Data to the New Clock

Enter all your alarms in the new Clock app, then delete any alarms that are still set in the old app.

  • Open the Clock>press Menu>Add Alarm.
  • Enter the time and press “OK.”
  • After saving the alarm time, you will have more options, including turning on “repeat” for specific days of the week.


The improved Calendar includes an import/export feature that allows you to back up your events to a MicroSD card or export events to other calendars that support .ics files. It also adds support for re-occurring events, event categories, and multiple views including Agenda, Day, and Month views.

Moving Data to the New Calendar

Enter all your events in the new Calendar app, then delete any events that are still set in the old app.

  • Open the Calendar>press Menu>Add New Event
  • Enter the title and time for your event, then press Menu>Save Event

Voice Reminder

The Voice Reminder is being removed in the next update. The new Alarm and Calendar apps both support attaching custom recordings to use as voice reminders.

Moving Data from the Voice Reminder to the Clock

  • Open the Clock and press Menu>Add Alarm
  • Enter the time and press “OK.”
  • Select the Alarm sound.
  • Choose Add new.
  • Choose Record ringtone
  • Press and hold the round button on the keypad to record.
  • Press Save
  • Now enter a name for the recording and press Save.

Moving Data from the Voice Reminder to the Calendar

If you prefer to create re-occurring Voice Reminders, use the Calendar app instead. Follow the instructions to save a new event in the Calendar and set the repetition to the preferred time period, then record your Reminder sound.


The improved Notes app includes text style options, list options and the ability to attach pictures to notes. It also allows you to pin important notes to the top of your list. More customer requests will be added in a future update as well.

Moving Data to the new Notes

  • Open Notes and press the center button or press Menu>Add Note
  • Type in your new note, then press Menu>Save. You can find more options in the Menu to add lists and you can press the camera button to insert a picture.

Other options for saving old notes:


You can also take screenshots of your old notes to save them in the Gallery. To take a screenshot, press and hold the volume down key and red power button simultaneously. The screenshot is automatically saved in the Gallery in the Screenshots folder.

Sending to another phone via text message

Open the old Notes app and press the Menu button. Scroll down and select Send, this will open a messaging conversation with the Note already filled in.

Sound Recorder

The improved Sound Recorder now works using the keypad, as well as the touchscreen. To quickly switch between the Record and Saved tabs, press the 1 or 2 key. There is no data that needs to be moved to the new recorder, as your recordings are in the Saved list.